Walken in WGN Studio!

Well it’s that time of year again. Yes that’s right, it’s Christopher Walken’s birthday. The reason I know this is because my friend from the WGN Studio, Jeff Hoover, contacted me and asked me if I could supply some Walken music for him. That is, songs with the word “walking” in them. Jeff was going to do a parody of Christopher Walken singing songs with the word walking in them in honor of his birthday. How crazy is that? Of course I said yes!

Well I supplied Jeff with a list of songs and he selected his favorites. I showed up at WGN to set up my equipment and waited for Jeff to get ready for his show. Now I’ve worked with Jeff before and I know to expect anything at anytime. Sometimes I’m not even sure if Jeff knows exactly what he is going to do until he does it. So believe me, I was ready for anything.

When Jeff was ready he went through his costume changes and sang his “Walken” songs. Of course it was hilarious! Afterwards he gave me a video of the show which I’m going to share with you. I hope you enjoy it. Happy birthday Christopher!

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