New Year’s Eve 2011

Celebrating New Year's Eve 2011
Everybody is celebrating New Year’s Eve at Holiday Inn Itasca!

Well… here we are at another New Year’s Eve! Wow, time goes so fast. This New Year’s Eve we were very glad to be asked back to DJ at the Holiday Inn in Itasca for the second year in a row. We really enjoy it there. The staff is very friendly and it’s always a very nice crowd that attends the celebration. Oh, and they love to dance and have a great time also which always helps!

When we got there we saw some familiar faces from last year. It looks like this is a yearly event for some of the guests. As soon as we got set up and played the first song some of them were already dancing. As they began filling onto the dance floor we could tell that this was one crowd that wouldn’t need extra encouragement to get out there and dance! It was a nice mix of adults and kids, with whole families out there on the dance floor having fun!

Everybody's Shufflin
Dj Pearl and her “crew” get everybody shufflin!

Of course I would like to think we were asked back to DJ because of my musical talent! And while that may be partly true, I have to give credit where credit is due. Last year my two sons performed a Michael Jackson dance for the crowd at Holiday Inn. Everybody loved it so much that they called the hotel and asked to have them perform again this year (see bottom of this post for this year’s Michael Jackson dance). The boys were thrilled that they had so many fans!

Before the boys performed they helped me warm up the crowd with a little “Party Rock” shufflin number. They also helped lead the “wobble”, which is a newer line dance and a few of the guests even introduced their own line dances. The dance floor was filled throughout the evening and way past midnight into the early morning. I think they could have danced all night!

Balloons fall at midnight
Balloons fall on cue at midnight!

And then there was the fabulous balloon drop at midnight. The hotel staff worked tirelessly all day on the balloon drop and all of the necessary preparations in order to make sure it worked correctly (I did mention that they were very nice didn’t I?). As the New Year approached, there was a little suspense and anticipation in the air. Then, at the stroke of midnight, the balloon drop went off without a hitch and everything worked perfectly. Nice job guys!

And now, without further ado, here is this New Year’s Eve Michael Jackson dance performed by my two sons. Enjoy!

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