Karaoke in WGN Studio!

Picture of Me with Jeff Hoover (AKA Stan Diamond). View video at bottom of post!
Jeff Hoover (AKA Stan Diamond). and DJ Pearl

A couple of years ago I was approached by Jeff Hoover, from WGN Channel Nine news, to DJ for a Welcoming Party for Ana Belaval, the “Around Town” reporter for the WGN Morning Show. Well, that sounded like it would be very exciting, so I jumped at the chance. There was singing and dancing, and there were a lot of impersonators on hand.

In case you haven’t heard of Jeff, he’s the Segment Producer of the WGN Morning News. He produces, and stars in, those comedy sketches you’ll see during the morning broadcast. If you do a search on Youtube, I’m sure you can find a few of his classics. Jump to WGN karaoke video

Well, I guess Jeff liked the way I DJ because he’s asked me back on several more occasions. He had me DJ for him when he did a Jerry Lewis parody on the air and again for a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Emerald Loop Bar/Grill downtown Chicago. He also hired me to DJ for his birthday party. He’s such a nice guy! I always have a great time when I work with him.

One of these occasions he asked me to work with him on was a karaoke gig where Jeff does his Neil Diamond “impersonation” live on the air. Now, Jeff is a serious Neil Diamond fan, but he does a hilarious parody of him. A few months ago, Jeff was kind enough to email me the video. I decided to put it up on my blog because I think it ‘s very entertaining, and hopefully you’ll enjoy viewing it. One word of caution though, if you’re a Neil Diamond “purist” you might want to turn away now!

WGN karoke video


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